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Every festival is a personal affair, but here is how a wedfest might go at Elm Pass Woods…

Getting Ready:

You and your festival crew can meet at the Wedfest Cottage onsite to get the day started. Since you finalized your festival plan ahead of time, you can RELAX knowing everything is handled while you sip mimosas and prepare for the festival. In the sun-drenched cottage there is a full bathroom, kitchenette, and many outlets – so you have everything they need. Once ready – you can head to the Ivy Storybook Tree right outside for portraits or choose from any of the picturesque spots steps away from the Guest House.


Follow the winding path down to a secluded pecan grove where the sunlight filters down through the leafy canopy. Maybe your doggos are a part of the ceremony because they are family too! A vintage 1920 Ford Model T drops you off at the grove and your person sees you for the first time. Here in the peaceful quiet, the outside world is paused and you can focus on what matters.


After your open-air ceremony, the festival begins! Your guests can grab a drink from the canoe and enjoy yard games as you and your official forever-partner steal a quiet moment away. Whether you chose to hire a band or do a simple playlist – music will move through the trees and set the stage for an immersive experience that will inspire wonder among family and friends.


Have a food truck dinner under our bespoke Giant Hat Tipis, complete with whimsical twinkle lights and farmhouse tables. After sundown, the fire pits take center stage – and serve as gathering points around the Tipis. There is no better way to make memories than sipping ice cold libations (or hot seasonal beverages!) while making s’mores and enjoying good company.

Send Off:

Finally, when you’re ready – you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind exit through our oversized macramé curtain entrance – sparklers, smoke bombs, natural confetti – you decide. After that, you can stroll to the Wedfest Cottage for the night which doubles as the Honeymoon suite or do the traditional getaway car.

Sound amazing? Explore our transparent pricing & what’s included.