Pulling Off a Stress-Free Outdoor Wedding at Elm Pass Woods: Don’t Sleep on these 2 Wedding Pros

Hey lovebirds! Planning an outdoor wedding can be an enchanting yet daunting task ammirite? You’ve got the perfect venue picked out (I’m biased, I know), but now comes the challenge of orchestrating the big day. Don’t fret! With these KEY local vendors that are often forgot about btw, your outdoor wedding can be virtually stress-free. Let’s dive into the dream team you’ll need to press the “Easy Button” and make your day flow.

In case you are wondering, NOPE we don’t get any kickbacks for recommending these folks! We’ve just witnessed first hand what happens when they are not hired and frankly how much it can affect the overall experience for our couples, which is why if you can invest in them it is money well spent : )

**Liquor Store and Ice Delivery**

No wedding is complete without a well-stocked bar, and for an outdoor event, you’ll need plenty of ice to keep those drinks cool. That is why we 100% recommend going through the local liquor store that is three minutes away, Smoking Bottles. Why? Because they can order any type of booze (plus soft drinks/water) you want aaaaand most importantly they will deliver said alcohol along with the 400+ lbs of ice the drink canoe requires and set it all up for you. They also have a frozen marg machine to rent if you so desire which is always the most popular guest fav.

*To Summarize Why We Love Them for You:* They offer a wide selection of wines, spirits, and beers, and their delivery service ensures your bar is fully stocked AND you don’t have to designate your uncle to raid local gas stations for enough bags of ice to set up the bar. As a bonus, because they are down the street – I have them on speed dial, so if you run out of something it’s one quick text/delivery away from restocking your bar with your guests being none the wiser (yes this has happened more than once!). Trust us, if your dad says “I can handle the bar” – do you best to dissuade him because y’all are the ones that will end up stressing about whatever he inevitably forgets.

Local Recommendation: Smoking Bottles


**Event Management Service – Trash, Tear Down, and Decor**

Keeping your event looking clean and orderly is not only crucial for a stress-free experience, but also (let’s be honest) for the sake of the professional photos and video you are paying so much for. An event management service can bus tables, keep the restrooms tidy, take out trash, restock your DIY cocktail hour salsa bar and even set up decor for you earlier in the day. This type of VERY often overlooked vendor can handle the behind-the-scenes work that keeps everything looking pristine and running smoothly the entire day, which is why our #1 go-to pick is Out of the Ordinary Events. They have decades of experience, reasonable prices and we’ve seen firsthand how they go above and beyond for our couples. There are certain things that EPW will not handle during the event, trash being the biggest, and rather than asking a guest to monitor trash cans and bring a truck to take all the full bags to the dumpster at the end of the night, why don’t you let a professional handle it? This is especially key if you are hiring a food truck rather than a full service caterer/buffet who can usually stay till the end and can handle trash takeout.

The other built-in service they have is tear-down – which means taking down allll your personal decor as well as rounding up any venue decor you borrowed. Plus they pack up any extra drinks, desserts and supplies, gather your gifts/guest book and placing it all in a neat little pile for your designated vehicle to pull right up, load and be on their way. No asking dutiful wedding party members or family to stay behind to “help clean up” after you and your forever person head out after the send-off. Just have someone drive their vehicle around – load your treasures and get the heck outta dodge.

Aside from the standard trash and tear down they also do decor! So if you are reallllly not wanting to stress that morning of and/or ask friends and fam to help you decorate as early as 9 am when the grounds open, let Out of the Ordinary do it for you. They will meet with you ahead of time, and with proper planning be ready to execute your decor vision while you are sipping a mimosa and relaxing in the cottage.

*To Summarize Why We Love Them for You:* They provide comprehensive services depending on what you want to budget for that include table bussing, trash removal, and decor setup. Their attention to detail ensures the venue stays beautiful, and their efficient team lets you enjoy your day without worry. Plus the hourly rate is very reasonable – usually only requiring two people that show up around cocktail hour to start working their magic. PS – they are old school so don’t let their janky Facebook Page scare you! LOL

Local Recommendation: Out of the Ordinary Events 


**Sound & Entertainment – to DIY or not DIY, is it even a question?**

An outdoor wedding requires a sound system that can handle the open air and possibly some unexpected elements. Local DJs and musicians familiar with outdoor setups can keep the party going without a hitch. If you are a couple that’s thinking about skipping a DJ in favor of a playlist – hear me now, DO NOT forget about the MC responsibilities. I get the appeal of just using a playlist and speakers if y’all aren’t hardcore dancers – BUT that is only part of what a professional DJ does. Should you choose to DIY, failing to plan for who will be on the mic (on and off the entire night) to announce events like table releases for the food truck, cake, toasts, dances, and of course the final send off – will end up stressing you out. I’ve seen everything from confused guests trying to figure out if they can get in line for the food truck, to private last dances completely forgotten in the chaos of it. We even had one guest (at the behest of the bride’s dad) who thought it was appropriate to connect his phone to the bluetooth speakers and start playing all classic rock instead of the couple’s playlist.

All that to say, a professional DJ is not just about playing music – they are connective tissue that keeps the party running smoothly throughout the night – working hand-in-hand with the day-of-coordinator or planner to handle anything that comes up. Plus if you are curious about wedding games like the “shoe game” to get to know the couple or even karaoke if you aren’t big dancers, DJ’s can make all that happen effortlessly.

*To Summarize Why We Love Them for You:* Because you don’t need extra layers of stress – consider thoroughly if you really want to DIY your music/sound. It can be done, but know what you are getting in to!

Local Recommendation: Any DJ from our preferred wedding pro list! At Last Entertainment is always a stellar choice with plenty of DJ’s to interview and see who you vibe with


Wrapping It Up

With these key vendors, your wedding festival will be as stress-free as possible, and an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons (instead of all the wrong ones). These pros will take care of the nitty-gritty, allowing you to savor every whimsical moment. Remember, your wedding day is about celebrating love, so let the experts handle the logistics while you focus on each other.

Here’s to a day filled with love, laughter, and lots of happy memories!