What is Wedding Insurance?


Also known as “Day of Insurance,” Wedding Insurance is a simple way to make sure that you are covered if something unexpected happens on your big day. With everything that has happened during the dumpster fire that is the year 2020, this is the piece-of-mind you might be looking for if you’re planning during the pandemic, or even in a post-COVID-19 world (whenever we get there!). Just like you might get smart phone insurance for your new iPhone or Android, it’s extra comfort that your investment is protected. There are of course different types of coverage based on your needs.


For example, general liability typically covers up to $1 Million of damages for unforeseen things, like if a groomsman accidentally doesn’t close the plug on a cooler full of ice and it causes irreparable damage to your venue’s historic floors, or if an overzealous cigar-smoking uncle damages the canvas on your venue’s giant-hat tipis! You definitely don’t want to start out your wedded life together having to pay thousands of dollars to your venue for damage done during your big day. Hear me on this friends, don’t be the “it won’t happen to us” couple – has 2020 taught us nothing?


There is also a specific type of coverage called “Event Cancellation.” As the name suggests, this policy would provide protection from things like vendor no-shows, lost rings/attire, or a major weather event that prevents you and/or key guests from making it to the wedding. A policy like this can even reimburse any financial loss associated with honeymoon travel that has to be cancelled.


PSA:¬†COVID-19 has been especially hard on wedding pros in 2020 – having to deal with cancelled or postpone dates (that then end up blocking another date in 2021 that they could have gotten additional revenue from). While it’s not super fun to think about, this type of policy can reimburse you for money paid to a vendor that goes out of business before your event. I guarantee you that no wedding pro wants to let their couples down and they will fight/scratch/hustle their ass off to stay afloat, BUT not all will be able to make it. This is a reality that you may want to protect yourself from.


If these situations are important to you, then make sure to write them down and bring it up when speaking to different companies. The pandemic has caused some companies to shift coverage rules (or suspend event cancellation insurance temporarily), so ALWAYS double check.


You can also add a liquor liability policy (or some will cover it under general liability) which will cover you in the event someone has a bit too much to drink and ends up damaging property or injuring themselves or another guest (i.e. medical bills). Please note, guests claiming that they got COVID at your event will NOT typically be covered. Depending on your needs and risk tolerance you can decide which type of coverages are right for you.




Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance?


When you are going to be planning months and investing thousands of dollars, Wedding Insurance makes sure that you investment is secured even if the unexpected strikes (because again, 2020). The vast majority of wedding days used to go off without a hitch, but in the event that is doesn’t Wedding Insurance makes sure that you wont be saddled with the financial burden in most cases. Frankly, with so many other things to focus on related to wedding planning this can help relieve the financial stress of something happening that’s out of our control. It’s called adulting, folks.


Have a conversation with your person on what scenarios you want to make sure are covered. Do you work in a high-risk job such a healthcare? Again, not a super fun thought, but if it’s possible you are more likely to catch COVID-19 and the wedding has to be postponed – then maybe you should consider seeing if a policy can cover that. Not trying to bring you down here – I just want y’all to go in eyes wide open! It’s all out of love.




Where do I get Wedding Insurance in Texas?


Thanks to the glorious internet you have multiple options to purchase Wedding Insurance. Online providers like Event Helper, WedSure, and WedSafe make it super easy. Some will even automatically email your insurance certificate straight to your venue. We here at Elm Pass Woods take advantage of that seamless integration by partnering with Event Helper to make it easier for our couples! All of these providers cover different things, so shop around to find which one is right for you.


Another option is to ask your current insurance provider, just know that not all providers will include liquor liability – so just be sure whoever you choose can meet your (or your venue’s) requirements.




What Info Do I Need to Get Wedding Insurance?


Here are the things you typically need to purchase Wedding Insurance:


  • The minimum insurance specifications from your venue. This information is likely in your contract or in the FAQ section of the venue’s website. If you can’t find it, you can always reach out to them!
  • Your venue’s physical address, email address, and phone number.
  • Your wedding date (obvi).
  • Your credit or debit card for payment – because nothing is free!




How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?


Considering the piece-of-mind you get, Wedding Insurance is actually pretty affordable! All carriers will vary slightly depending on your needs, but you can generally expect to spend between between $100-$200, depending on the size of your wedding for basic general liability. Keep in mind that if you add additional types of coverage, such as wedding cancellation policy that will increase you premium cost. Other variables such as guest count and wedding budget will also affect the cost depending on policy type.


If living through a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t always assume things will go exactly as you’ve planned, no matter how detailed you were when planning it! At Elm Pass Woods we require basic liability, but every venue is different. Please, please, PLEASE consider a policy – even if your venue doesn’t require it or if you decide to get married on your own property. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of a typical wedding – and it will allow you to take back at least a little control in this new COVID-conscious world.

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