Is an Outdoor Wedding in Texas a Good Idea?

We LOVE outdoor weddings. There’s something about using nature as your decor that always creates a beautiful aesthetic for events. And in Texas, you have access to a wide variety of natural backdrops: everything from hills to riverfronts and more. 

But just like anywhere else, having an outdoor wedding comes with risks. What if it rains? Or it’s colder or hotter than you anticipated? What’s the best season to get married in Texas? Is having an outdoor wedding in Texas even a good idea?

In this blog, we’ll answer these questions and more, so you have confidence planning your wedding, no matter when or where it is. 

Is planning an outdoor wedding in Texas a good idea? 

We think so! There are many factors to consider (do you really want to worry about your cake melting in the Texas heat?). Having an outdoor wedding in Texas isn’t for everybody, but it’s not impossible – you just need to have the right plan in place to make sure your day runs smoothly. 

Tips for outdoor weddings year-round 


Every outdoor wedding, no matter the venue, should have a weather plan. And that plan should be discussed with all of your important vendors well in advance of your wedding day. 

In Texas, there’s more to consider than just rain. It can also be very windy here, and it can get really hot. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, your venue should be prepared for anything that may happen with this crazy Texas weather. 

Talk to your venue to see how they typically handle last-minute changes. Every venue will have a different suggestion for your plan B. 

Here at Elm Pass Woods, we have designated covered space if the rain or wind take over during your event. We’ve also got pop-up tents that match our signature tipi style, which we can quickly put up over the main arteries of your event (the dance floor, bar, DJ, etc.) so the party doesn’t have to stop! We have a generator if the electricity goes out, and most of our packages come with an experienced day-of coordinator (usually me, Alex!) that will work with you to make sure your plan B is set to go.


Fall and spring are the best months to get married in Texas, but be prepared year-round: temps can be unpredictable! Consider a venue that’s outside but covered to protect from the sun or chilly winds. And make sure to dress your wedding party in temperature-appropriate attire so they don’t freeze or melt.

It’s also a good idea to look at reviews from weddings that took place at a similar time to your preferred date, so you can get an idea of what those events were like, how the weather was, and if your venue was prepared! 


Choose a venue with an indoor or covered option that can comfortably accommodate all of your guests. At Elm Pass Woods, our tipis provide great coverage, and they can be closed off to keep your guests warm during the cooler months. 

Communication With Guests

As soon as you’ve nailed down a place and date for your wedding, share that information with your guests so they can make sure to wear season-appropriate clothing. If you have guests that will need accessible pathways and seating, make sure your venue can accommodate them safely! 

What to expect from your outdoor wedding in Texas each season 

The chance for rain increases March-May and sometimes Sept-October in Texas. The saying around here is “April showers bring may flowers” – wildflowers! In the spring, the tipis and grounds around Elm Pass Woods are surrounded by wildflowers and it’s such a pretty atmosphere for a wedding! 

Average temperatures vary widely by each season, but here’s what you can expect:

  • Winter – mid 60s during the day, 40s at night 
  • Spring – 70s and early 80s during the day day, high 50s and low 60s at night 
  • Summer – 90s during the day, 70s at night 
  • Fall – low 80s and high 70s during the day, low 70s and high 60s at night 

Outdoor wedding ideas for fall & winter 

Keep guests warm with plenty of blankets. Heat lamps and fire pits are also a great way to warm up and add ambiance to your event. And you know what fire pits mean – s’mores! 

You can also warm guests up with drinks! Hire Cactus Coffee Shop’s Truck for your event. They have coffee, boba, and delicious desserts. 

The northern and southern parts of Texas often have up to a 20 degree temperature difference, especially during the winter. Pay attention to what part of the state your wedding is being held in, and if you can, check the weather report regularly for that specific area! 

Outdoor wedding ideas for spring & summer 

Be mindful of guests that may be extra sensitive to the heat. If you’re getting married in the summer, consider a slightly later start time so it’s cooler. At Elm Pass Woods, the shady pecan grove helps keep your ceremony and party cool. 

Make sure there’s plenty of water around (no, tequila doesn’t count!). Details like this don’t have to be boring – at Elm Pass Woods, guests can grab cold bottled water from our canoe! 

You can provide fans for your guests to cool themselves off during your ceremony. These fans are our number one choice! Or you can get creative and use fans that double as ceremony programs. 

And what better way to help guests cool off than with a frozen treat during cocktail hour or at the end of the night? Tincan Custard Company has a vintage camper that they serve ice cream out of – so cool! 

Another favorite of our guests is Blush Bar. They have a machine that can make frozen margaritas or frozen rosé, and their cart is absolutely adorable!

Picking a venue for your outdoor wedding in Texas

If you’re still searching for the perfect year-round venue in Texas, Elm Pass Woods is a great choice. You can plan the party of the year here, and you’ll have someone to help you navigate all the factors of planning an outdoor wedding in Texas. Check out our website, or better yet, schedule a tour and come visit us! We’d love to show you the magic of Elm Pass Woods in person. 


Photo Credits: Cover Image – Eyeronic Love Photography, Photos By Yaz, Noun International Photography, and Leah Thomason Photography