Heart-Centered Valentines Day Wedding

Liz & Jeremy – February 11, 2023

Why we loved it? Liz lost her mom when she was younger and when they toured, she spoke of trying to “reclaim” Valentine’s Day to be about their wedding (and a holiday her Mom LOVED) instead of the day she lost her mom. Mike decided right there that he would make a bunch of bright wooden hearts to scatter about the venue in her honor. The day was magic…street tacos, an amazing blues band, and hearts everywhere! Liz also did vows to Jeremy’s daughter during the ceremony in front of all their people and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Funny Story – the Vanishing Bouquet: Despite me (Alex) radioing to remind Mike to remind Liz to remember her bouquet on the ride down to the ceremony…she forgot! So when they drove up during the ceremony, Mike had to zip the golf cart back to the cottage to grab it and I RAN to get it to her and her dad waiting at the top of the aisle behind the macrame curtain. Everyone saw what was happening (including Jeremy!) and they were laughing…but turns out Liz was SO caught up in the moment she had no idea why I had her and her dad waiting behind the curtain!! She thought I was waiting for a point in the music LOL When I handed her the bouquet it all became clear and everyone chuckled. It was one of the most memorable ceremonies ever.

Wedding Pros:

Coordinator – Alex from EPW

Photography – Gabe Rene Photography

Cake – Alyssa’s Artisan Confections

Band – Rhythm Blues Quartet

Food Truck – La Tapatia Taco Truck 

Bartending – The Pour Horse (via EPW)

Hair/Make-Up – Face By Lace

Florals – The Rose Shop in Kerrville

Event/Trash Management – Out of the Ordinary Events