Rehearsal Dinner Options in the Texas Hill Country

Elm Pass Woods is in Center Point, TX – aptly named because it is in the center of the Texas Hill Country. There are plenty of options when it comes to where you want to have your rehearsal dinner, which is usually the first meeting of all your friends and fam when they come in for the Hill Country wedding weekend!! It will depend on which little town you end up making your “home base” for everyone to stay. I’m always going to say Comfort is the most convenient, because it’s 10 mins away from the venue and right off the highway – but with so many options you really can’t go wrong.
Fredericksburg (35 mins from EPW)
Boerne (30 mins from EPW)
Kerrville (15 mins from EPW)
  • Cartewheels No views but good food. They also have a dining hall that is lovely.
  • Bridget’s Basket (Technically in Hunt) but more quaint than fancy, on a family farm 
  • Comanche Trace Country club but has the best views that I know about
  • The Rails In an old historic building – very cool

Verde Creek (8 mins from EPW)

  • Camp Verde – historic site, old general store – very nice and delicious food!
Comfort (12 mins from EPW)
  • Comfort Pizza retro converted gas station vibes, great beer and gourmet pizza (This is what Mike and I did because it’s right across from Meyers) 
  • High’s Cafe – vintage feeling cafe 
  • Singing Waters Vineyard – indoor and outdoor options, the frozen wine is *chefs kiss*
Again this isn’t absolutely every option in the Hill Country – but just a few favs…hopefully it helps as you start planning out your wedding weekend festivities!
By the way,  you might be wondering how wedding rehearsals actually work. As an EPW couple you are welcomed to do your rehearsal here (for 1 hour) the day before (if it’s available) or the day of your wedding. If coordination is included in your package, the coordinator will be present to run things if it’s at EPW. We can’t always guarantee the venue will be available if you want the day before, but we can let you know 3 months out either way, so just ask!

If it is unavailable and you’d like to keep the rehearsal the day before, the detailed timeline that is created as part of coordination can be used by you at any location to run through the lineup without the coordinator present. The easiest option if the venue is unavailable the day before is to do it the morning of at EPW since everyone should be in town and nearby. Alternatively, especially if you have a simple processional some couples choose to skip a rehearsal all together! Your coordinator can make it work even without it as long as processional participants show up at least 45 mins before the ceremony, so fear not.