Mindful Meditation – Wedding Day Yoga

Your wedding day is going to absolutely fly by – “it was a blur” is the most common phrase you hear from couples post-nuptials.

At Elm Pass Woods, we intentionally produce free-flowing less structured timelines so that each couple can actually be present as best they can regardless of guest count. But a lot of how you will experience that timeline really depends on your mindset in the months, weeks, days, leading up to it. BUT the morning-of often gets overlooked and it can make or break how you experience the wedding.

We had a bride choose to make time for a mindfulness yoga meditation which included a “bridal blessing” by her closest girlfriends. They did the wedding day yoga in the festival grounds as we prepared the space for the night ahead. They were led by a yoga instructor to relax, breathe, and center themselves for the busy day ahead. It was *chefs kiss* and the bride Lauren said it was what kept her calm given all the nerves that can come ahead of the big moment.